Technical specification for maintenance of shearer drum

        1. Comprehensively disassemble, clean, inspect, remove rust and spray paint all parts, and reshape, weld and reinforce deformed structural parts.

        2. Replace all bearings and joint bushings according to the factory standard (with the corresponding imported bearings according to the factory standard), all kinds of seals, oil seals, bolt pins, keys, baffle rings, plugs, straight through, elbow, etc. meet the factory standard.All the high pressure rubber hose are replaced, reaching the factory standard.

        3. Overhaul the cooling spray system and hydraulic system of the shearer to make it reach the factory standard, and conduct a pressure withstand test with 1.5 times of rated pressure for the spray system in the drum.

        4. The mechanical and electrical coal mining machine shall be inspected and repaired according to the maintenance standards for electrical equipment. The sealing and bearing shall be replaced and lubricated.

        5. Repair welding of shearer drum, be updated on welding welding, tooth deformation of the inner hole of kuang, bad loose replace and blade channel open welding, repair to spray, the nozzle orifice requirements to normal use standard, reinforced area of the blade by surfacing welding method, welding not less than 5 mm, replace the tooth with the factory at the same Angle.Inspect and maintain waterways in good condition.

        6. Inspect and repair the hydraulic components, adjust the operating pressure of each valve group according to the requirements of the hydraulic system, dismantle and clean the oil cylinder, replace the seal, and brush the cylinder body as required, and do the sealing performance test after checking.

        7. Repair all kinds of bearings, hydraulic components, main pump motor, hydraulic lock safety valve and components that need not be replaced but can be repaired by repair welding and surfacing welding, and parts that can be restored by electroplating, brush plating and thermal spraying, to ensure concentricity after repair and tolerance of each shape and position in accordance with the original design requirements.

        8. The motor of shearer crusher is changed to 180KW motor, the oil cylinder of the crushing machine is changed to upper mounted, the shearer plate is shaped, and the fixed seat of the plate is strengthened.

        9. The selection of various mechanical parts and electrical components shall be the same as or higher than the original standard.

        10. Complete the whole machine test after assembly, and provide the maintenance report, test report and other technical data during acceptance.




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