Excellent performance of cutting teeth

        Cutter tooth is the direct cutting of coal winning machine and machine tool, work condition is very bad, in the process of using coal or rock friction and impact, the general working life is short, its main failure forms because of the cutting head tooth body wear too fast cause alloy head off or is under strong teeth bending performance is poor in body bent or broken.

In view of the above failure characteristics and the use state of the cutting teeth, the company has developed a plasma cladding to strengthen the "sparkless" cutting teeth.The cutter has the following characteristics:

        1. The abrasion resistance of the cutting teeth is significantly improved.Use advanced plasma cladding reinforcement technology in cladding a cutter tooth head high hardness metal wear-resisting layer, the metal wear-resisting layer with high hardness, good toughness and abrasion resistance impact resistance and other characteristics, good protect the head of the cutter tooth tooth body, lowers the head gear body wear rate, synchronize the tooth body and alloy head wear, reached the optimal matching.

        2. Significant improvement in bending resistance.According to pick in the use of the fracture site and in the process of bending, use of advanced analysis software ANSYS to pick the failure computer simulation analysis of the use process, and developed according to the results of the analysis of the unique heat treatment process, such as production and processing technology, make the whole of the tooth body bending capacity and the surface of the tooth hilt strength has been greatly improved, to ensure the normal use of.

        3. "no spark" during use.Common cutting teeth in the use of the process, especially in the process of cutting rock will produce a lot of sparks, to the production of coal mining has brought great safety risks.The plasma cladding strong "sparkless" cutting teeth produced by our company are coated with a layer of high hardness nickel-based tungsten carbide alloy powder at the cutting head, which can reduce the amount of spark generated by cutting teeth by more than 90% during use and greatly improve the safety of coal mining.

        The following is the spark contrast test under the same conditions with the same grinding wheel:

        In the grinding process of common cutting teeth, bright sparks of 1500px in length are generated, as shown in FIG. 1. However, in the grinding process of plasma-cladding strengthened cutting teeth, sparks are hardly generated, but there are few dark sparks, and the length of sparks is only 10-500px.

        In a word, plasma melting strengthened sparkless cutter has the characteristics of wear resistance, long life, not easy to break, no spark and so on.It not only reduces the cost of coal production, reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also solves the problem that the safety of coal production has been threatened for a long time due to sparks generated in the use of cutting teeth.

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