Common material for cutting teeth of coal mining machine

        The cutter teeth of coal mining machine are divided into different types, among which the cutter teeth are commonly used.Cutters are widely used because their structural design is in line with the use of shearers and can meet the requirements of mechanical equipment.Selection of cutting teeth is very critical. If the selected cutting teeth do not meet the requirements of the equipment, how to experience the function and value of cutting teeth?

        Shearer cutting teeth in cutting coal mine to bear high pressure, shear stress and impact load, if the quality of cutting teeth is not good, the coal mine can not be cut.In the process of coal mining, although the hardness of coal is not very high, but often encounter some hard ore materials, so in the choice of coal mining should pay attention to the quality of the material teeth, so as not to be unable to bear the impact, affecting the normal mining work.

        What is the best selection of shearer cutting teeth?Let's take a look.

        1. When cutting coal and rock, the temperature of the cutting tooth increases due to friction, impact and other forces. In such an environment, the cutting tooth material must have better wear resistance and impact performance, so as to better mine coal.

        2. The cutter is made of low-alloy structural steel with high hardness and toughness. At the same time, it should have good creep performance and durable strength under high temperature environment.In addition, the material after heat treatment process, has a high fatigue limit and anti - multiple impact ability.

        3, although there are a variety of steel, but the best steel is not much, so the choice depends on the attention to the material with better hardenability, after heat treatment can get a strong hardness and strength and other comprehensive mechanical properties, in line with the conditions of coal mining.

        Through the above on the shearer cutter - cutter material selection, you choose what kind of cutter to understand?Selection of cutting teeth is closely related to coal mining work. The quality of cutting teeth is good, and the efficiency of coal mining is accelerated. Otherwise, it will affect the work of coal mining.Therefore, the choice of cutting teeth is very important, its importance can not be ignored.




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