The way to improve the performance of cutting teeth

        Cutting tooth is a vulnerable part of mining machinery. The locking spring of cutting tooth is all made of high strength spring steel.It can greatly improve the reliability of coal cutter, reduce the proportion of coal cutter consumption in the cost of tons of coal, and improve the effective working time of coal shearer.Ii. The model of coal cutting tooth is mainly divided according to the hardness of the coal and the model of coal cutting tooth base, etc. The model of coal cutting tooth can be produced quantitatively if there are special models.

        The teeth of coal cutting teeth are made of high strength alloy steel after heat treatment, which can maintain high strength, toughness and wear resistance.Cutter spring is made of high strength spring steel.

        The coal cutting head adopts the isothermal quenching technology, the hardness does not reduce.Cemented carbides adopt the YG13C produced by domestic regular big factories with stable quality.Can be added according to customer needs welding wear layer.The hardness of the cutting tooth is above 65 degrees.

        Adopt "three high" technology to improve the quality of cemented carbide."Three high" process refers to the production of cemented carbide by using high-quality raw materials, adopting three technical measures of high purity tungsten powder, high temperature reduction and high temperature carbonization.The cemented carbide head material produced by "three high" process has the characteristics of uniform density, high wear resistance and toughness.As the cutting tool of the roadheader, the cutting tooth fails due to the complex working conditions during the cutting process, resulting in a large consumption of cutting tooth.By controlling these measures, the loss of cutting teeth can be reduced, the reliability of cutting teeth can be improved, and the benefit of coal production can be further improved, so as to meet the needs of high-yielding and high-efficiency mine construction and development.The way to improve the performance of cutting teeth cutting teeth at work center will appear wear, cutter head off, cutter head fracture and other forms of failure, so from the design, manufacture and other aspects, in view of these conditions should take corresponding measures to solve these problems.In strict accordance with the design requirements, ensure the coordination between the cutting teeth and the tooth base, ensure that the cutting teeth can rotate freely in the tooth base, avoid the occurrence of partial wear, achieve the function of self-grinding blade, maintain the sharpness of the cutter teeth, at this time the cutting tooth wear is normal uniform wear, in a good state of cutting.Adopt advanced brazing and heat treatment technology.Brazing and heat treatment of cutting teeth is one of the key technologies to ensure the quality of cutting teeth.




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